Electric Heating

Electric HeatingAt BMB & Sons, we specialize in forced hot air heat using heat pumps. We work with most all of the major brands of electric heaters, and we provide first class service to home and business owners throughout South Jersey.

An electric strip heater is a device that is mounted on a surface and used to heat the surface or air, similar to an electric space heater- heat pumps work on the same principles as an air conditioner but uses the heat generated to provide warmth for the house.

Problems with an electric heater could result in no heat in the home, water leaks around the heater, or even the smell of electric burning. The issues often result from lack of proper service from an experienced professional, the age of the heater, and parts not operating correctly. If not addressed, these problems could indicate or lead to further and more serious troubles.

If you’re experiencing problems with your electric heating system, reach out to us today. The team at BMB & Sons can repair and/or replace parts that are no longer suitable for your equipment, to improve its function for maximum results. We’ll repair your heating system and enable it to function properly, or replace it as needed if it’s beyond repair.

Contact us today to address your electric heating needs, whether you need a repair or replacement. When you partner with the folks from BMB & Sons, you can expect a hassle-free experience and same day service.